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“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”
George Elliot.

The energy, enthusiasm and capability of an ambitious leader is what gets an initiative off the ground. An instinct to look professional, drives the commission of a logo.


Brand is far more than just a logo.

You brand is your intention, your ambition, your promise, your behaviour and your reputation.

A robust brand strategy can help to keep your business healthy. And this needs care and consideration.

I want to help you to build a strategy where objectives, actions and communication are aligned. This will enable you to nurture a business where you can direct the bigger picture.

Brands and previous projects

Two decades of working for agencies has lead me to be involved with many different businesses (here's what they have to say).

Observing how they operate, how they present themselves, what they are doing differently and where they are succeeding. I have seen what it takes to implement change, and more crucially the results that can be achieved when an organisation embraces transformation.

I have worn lots of hats, contributed to creative concepts, managed re-branding strategies, executed advertising and recruitment campaigns, organised events and exhibitions, and overseen the design of diverse communication projects. All within wide ranging budgets and timescales.

Here's a selection:


In the 20 years I have worked in marketing, brand and design, I have seen immense shifts in the fast changing landscape.

The main goals have remained constant: to raise brand awareness so that you attract good business, do excellent work and ultimately improve people's lives, look after the planet and see profits increase.

But the tools and the avenues have changed.


Marketing budgets dramatically shrink and grow, year to year. Businesses are finding it harder to sustain and manage healthy relationships with competitive design agencies.


Brands are now exposed digitally on a daily basis, to customers, potential recruits and investors. Companies recognise they can capitalise on this, but they need a cohesive strategy.

Companies that still commit to one exclusive agency to manage their strategies are becoming less comfortable with taking such a removed position. Other organisations attempt to take design in-house and find themselves falling into some of the many pitfalls of this approach.

Time and Resources

Those who are working in their own companies “doing” everyday, don’t always have the time or resources to keep considering, where they are heading. Are they communicating their intentions effectively to the other people within the organisation? What do clients, potential employees and investors really know or think about the organisation? Many have a wish list of ideas they would love to action, for the good of their business, to future proof their position - but often this sits on the back burner, while they carry on “doing”.

My Approach

I believe fresh thinking and a flexible approach are critical to a successful campaign.

By striking the right balance between outsourced specialisms and in-house capabilities.
By developing in-house teams while working transparently with owners and directors.
By building a robust, adaptable strategy, that can move with the industry and economic climate.
By enabling you to shape the bigger picture and do better business.

That's what I know…
what about who?

Throughout my working life I have nurtured long-standing relationships with some incredibly talented people.

Access to a hand picked cohort of professionals, means I can call upon the right expertise, when required. This allows me to operate without expensive day to day overheads.

My collection of "good eggs" includes:

- Designers

- Art workers

- Illustrators

- Photographers

- Film makers

- Web Developers

- Techies

- Digital Experts

- Researchers

- Writers

- Strategists

- Printers

- Exhibition Builders

- Sign Writers and Livery teams

- Large Format printers

…all tried, tested and trusted.

A few nice words

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